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Monday, February 13, 2012

Ambulance visit

Well it's not going to be a boring night when you have to call an ambulance for a friend.
My roomie that's a triathlete ( rarely gets sick. But when he does, he REALLY gets sick.
I was chatting with him tonight on facebook, which I'm embarassed to say is a way we communicate too often, for people living in the same house. He was saying he felt a little numb, he was having chills and his stomach hurt. He'd decided to wait 30mins, then see if he wanted to find a ride to the ER.

I've been to the ER with him before. It's a long, long wait. Especially for those outside, in the waiting room. So it was a good idea. But then I laughed and said, "wouldn't it be funny if we were in the ER on valentine's day.. I could skip school and get to see a lot of cool things in the hospital."

(I love hospitals.)

Well, it was less than 5 minutes later that I heard stumbling on the stairs, and he was knocking on the first door he could get to. I woke up our other roomies, and we sat our sick one on the couch. He told us he wanted to go to the hospital, so my first reaction was call all our friends that have cars.

Our other room-mate went straight to 911. I hate calling 911. They respond quickly, but all they'd do is rush here, say we're silly kids, and then leave. Or tell us we're silly kids, charge us $240 and laugh. I wasn't expecting the ambulance to come over and the paramedics say that we should rush him to the hospital.

(and that didn't happen)

After the roomie answered a lot of questions to the operator, lights flashed outside our windows. Two paramedics came in and asked a lot more questions. He was shaking - chills, but no fever. His heart rate was fine. He was hyperventilating, and they blamed the glass of wine he'd had earlier. There was nothing to indicate that this was bad. The spasms in his wrists and numbness in his face weren't too worrisome.
So they said he's fine, encouraged him to see our university clinic in the morning, and sleep it off.
They made him sign to acknowledge that he'd been assessed, and someone witness-signed it.

And then the roomie threw up everywhere. It was clear. They were sure it was from drinking.
They kept asking us why we weren't asleep. I had woken up two room-mates, and I had just finished reading for my midterm. We're not bad kids. It's a Monday night!!

So after he decided he couldn't sleep this off, he decided to go for a ride, that I'm sure will cost him $240. The roomie that called got to go with him, even though I love hospitals :(

And me? Well I can't sleep. The last time this roomie was in the ER, he had pneumonia and the whole trip took 7 hours. I was all prepared to go, and I had my reading book ready. But I can't sleep now... I'm hoping they'll say he has something silly. I'm hoping we can laugh about this at the weekend, and that he'll be fine for Reading Week.
I don't know if I should still skip school, I'm pretty tired. But I can't sleep until I get the all-clear text.
Time for more studying, I reckon.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!