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Monday, February 13, 2012


Went for a long run yesterday, on the riverside trail: 10k in 68 minutes. I think that beats my official PR, which is weird because I wasn't going especially fast, and I was wanted to walk the last 1.5miles, as my knee was hurting. But I wanted to get home faster (it was an out-and-back route) so I sprinted, walked, sprinted, walked, etc. The trail was clear, and it was great going out, as they'd opened up the construction part. But turning around and coming back was terrible - all the wind and cold was aiming at my face, and my lips and hands went numb :(

I told myself I'd go for a walk today at some point, as my legs felt good walking to school. However, I only found time after class (at 10pm), and I didn't want to walk alone at night, so I went for a short, slow run. My short run was a little over 4km, and felt pretty good. At one point I saw a man walking on the sidewalk, and as I was calculating how to get past him, he stepped aside and gave me a thumbs up :) Some running support karma, I say, as I did just that to two people on the riverfront last night during my run :)

Wave at the next person you see running!
And have a good week :)

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