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Sunday, April 8, 2012

HM Training, Week 4

This week, there has been 0 running. I missed my first run of the week, and it wasn't a big deal. My knees still felt a bit weird from  my 'long run' the Sunday before, so I thought it'd be best to take it easy. I missed my second weekly run because I had no time due to school work, the radio show, and placement. I figured I would do a 7mile elliptical (equivalent mileage, less impact) on Friday, but the gym was closed due to it being a holiday.
My long run will still happen tonight, there's 5 miles on the plan :)
UPDATE: I ran 5.5km and 3.3km tonight, so 5.5miles in 55mins! (Broke it up in two runs with about a 2-3min break in between to change and check the map.)

I have recently been trying to change my diet: I wanted to cut out sugar, processed foods and general junk that I don't need. I've been trying to be mindful to eat only when I'm hungry, rather than when I am bored. I also want to eat smaller portions. (I have a tendency to drag a meal and over fill my plate, as it's an excuse away from studying.)

So far, all I can say is that it's a goal and I'm continually working towards it. I've made a couple soups this past week that turned out well. After a few days of eating no junk, I experience headaches and an intense craving for candy - symptoms which I attribute to sugar withdrawal. I have always had candy/sugar available around the house, so I usually give in and have a treat. The plan was to eliminate the candy around the house, but since it's Easter, all the room-mates have brought chocolate back! So this is still a work in progress.

I have decided that I will make a smoothie with honey and strawberries every time I get a craving for sweets, as it should do the trick.

Today, I tried Gardien's Chick'n Marsala, which is made of no meat. There were two pieces and each one comes with a packet of sauce. I had it plane, with no sides, and I didn't mind the taste. I thought the texture was great but a little soft, but my boyfriend didn't like it, saying that it tastes too fake. I feel that the 'chicken' would go great as a substitute in a different meal, as I didn't care much for the bland sauce.

I would buy this again, but not every week, as it's quite expensive. I feel that I'd only use it in a stir-fry, as I'm not fancy enough to think of anything else I can cook it with. Firm tofu would be a cheaper equivalent for my needs, so I may just stick with that.


  1. Good for you on sitting on due to knee issues. It's best not to press that and risk hurting yourself worse.

    I'm also on a healthy eating thing...again. My boyfriend and I are on The Cause (yes, you may see a blog post about it) to lose 20lbs. I've just gained too much weight since my surgery. So, now, I'm back to my old self.

    And I think I will stick to tofu.

  2. I love gardein products to add a little variety to my vegetarian diet but yeah, there's always the risk of a not so delicious dud or the man of the house losing interest before he ever found it in the first place! Good for you for your latest run numbers! It sounds like we're taking similar steps towards getting healthier with the usual ebb and flow. We'll get there eventually!