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Monday, April 2, 2012

HM Training, Week 3

I've jumped into a half marathon training plan that has me running 3x a week, and 2x cross training. I have successfully completed week 3, and have 9 to go. I've chosen to do an early June race, as my past two halfs were in May, and I like having a race around the time of my birthday. I've chosen a race that's close by, and if the RD's speedy responses to my emails are any indication, should be quite small, but well run (haha, get it?).

Tuesday - 3.5miles in 37min
Wednesday - off - good thing too, as I was super busy with school and radio :)
Thursday - 3.6miles in 35min
Friday - (XT) 4.4miles in 40min
Saturday - off - good thing, as the weather was grim, cold, and rainy!
Sunday - 5miles in 52min

I felt great during my 'long run'. I had to break it up, 1 mile + 4miles, as I had to switch treadmills. I had some chafing from my cotton shirt, under my arm. It sucks, but I've learnt from it, and I'll be applying some body glide if I get an indication that this will repeat. But I wont wear THAT shirt again while running :)
My knees felt a bit rough after my run.... and I have a bruise on the inside of my right knee today. This is extremely weird. They don't hurt, but I'm worried about the bruise, as I haven't had this before. Any comments/advice/suggestions would be welcome!

I'm approaching this race with steady training. I am determined to follow a plan, but I am also ready to take it easy at the first sign of a problem. (I haven't registered for the race yet, as I think it's a jinx to have something planned before you're trained for it...)  I ran my first race unprepared, and my second injured with tendinitis. I'd like to place a goal for myself that I will run the entire distance, and then time will be a secondary goal. I've managed to do all my training runs at around 10min/mile, which is speedy for me! I hope to incorporate some Vibram/barefoot runs on days that XT is suggested, to keep my legs relaxed and have a break from the treadmill. I'm so excited to have something to work towards, and it's nice to think that each workout now has a purpose other than to feel good and stay healthy. I'm excited for this direction, and thankful that I am able to run with relatively few problems :)

Have a great week!

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  1. Hi Suza! Amazing work lady! I wish I could dole out advice on the bruise on your leg but I've never had that happen before. I'd like to think you're just fine if you feel no pain.

    I am totally impressed with your 5 mile time! I tried to go for five miles yesterday after doing just a little work here or there and I probably walked at least a mile of it. Anyway, good luck!