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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

3ish miles

3 miles this morning, on the treadmill at my university gym.

Who knew it could ever be this empty?!
 10:26 (1min warm-up included), 9:36, 13:20 (jog .5 & .5mile cool-down). [33:23]
Ahahha I don't know how people take pictures in the changing room... I was too nervous that someone would walk in and think I was weird.

Planning on cycling to my new gym tonight, and doing another 5k, maybe.


  1. Yay Suza!! Love your photo and so impressed with your run. Your second mile would have knocked my socks off. I also love an empty gym... Do you still try to run when your legs are still a little tired or are you practiced enough that after a 5K you're not too bad? I did a 5K Sunday and a hard 4 miles yesterday and I'm tired. Just thinking about where I should draw the line forcing myself to exercise...

  2. HAHHAA! I have the same issue. I'm constantly taking pictures for the blog (or you will see soon a summer with my friend and all the activities we did) and trying to hurry them up so no one thinks I'm weird.

    But you are doing so awesome. I still have a lot to do. My marathon training officially starts in 2 weeks. WEEE!

  3. Thanks for the comments on the pictures. I got a lot of I like both, but no real criticism. And you are right.

    Yes, I'm planning to do a hiking trip (a much bigger one) next year in Colorado. Maybe you can join me. Also, I am moving to England at the end of next year, so you must come to Texas before then. Or I could come there.

  4. Yeah, I decided to go for it. I picked the Day After the End of the World on Dec 22. I liked the name. It gives me a goal, which helps me.

    Oh I see, that's what we do when we want to go to Canada. LOL!

    Well, we need to make a plan to meet. Come with me to the Marathon? It's in Houston where I live.