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Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I gave in my deposit on the new apartment and had a chance to check it out a bit today.
I'm super excited because I'll get to have a quiet, clean place to set my own schedule in, find running routes from, and learn new things in.

As we've been approaching move-in day, we've been talking about things we're going to do once we move in. I've been keeping a mental list, but I thought it might be time to write it down.
Some of the things might be weird, so bear with me.

  • bake bread
  • make jam
  • pancakes every weekend? (a tradition my mother started!)
  • start a piggy bank for our (3 year-dating) anniversary
  • start a separate piggy bank to save up for things
  • have a weekend guest over, most likely MF.
  • home-made pizza
  • purchase a lovely rug.


  1. Hey congrats on your apartment! I have a coin thing that I put all of my loose change. It helps with xmas gifts. And I want to make jam, too!

  2. Yay for new apartments!! And mental note to address you as Suzana instead of "Suza" :) I think the best part about a new place is feeling like you get a fresh start to re-establish your "normal". Have fun!