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Monday, August 20, 2012

Apartment Decorating

It's 11pm and after a bath and some tea, I should be drifting off...
But I'm too excited! (and too nervous about the Rise & Shine circuit tomorrow at 0645!)
I keep thinking about my new apartment, how I'll get the new keys this week and how it's going to look, feel and become as we move into it.
I think I've found a pretty neat room-mate, second to only my sister. I hope it will be a tidy, quiet, love-filled apartment.

As I couldn't sleep, I decided to look through some decoration, home & living blogs... you know, fuel for my dreams? Anyway, I wanted to share a few more thoughts I wanted for my new places, as well as some cool pictures I came across. I'll put the URL of the place I found the pictures as the caption.

  • Candles EVERYWHERE!
  • Fairy lights.... in the doorways? (I currently have two sets merged together, in my bedroom.)
  • Bright colours... nice furniture? False! We'll probably just have whatever things people decide to donate to us. I'm currently hoping we have a full set of everything we need, but secretly dreaming of matching furniture and curtains :)
  • A clean closet. I try and make it a habit to recycle my clothes (and I always buy second-hand) every now and then, mostly when the seasons change. I've been lazy lately and kept all the stuff for donation out in bags/suitcases in the hallway. They're supposed to be in my way to remind me, but I just remember how I'll need a car, helping hands, multiple trips, a desire to do it...  However, in a real attempt to get it all sorted, my boyfriend let me know that they'll be used to sound-proof my current roomie's place, as he'll be a metal drummer in a house of girls, so I already know how annoying that can be.
  • Organised bookshelves! Yes, plural! I had an old balance-challenged bookshelf that I shared with a previous room-mate. Its days were spent holding up lots and lots of hard-back, extremely huge business and psychology textbooks, so it has lower-, higher-, and general back pain ;) Calvin brought me a brand new, magestic-looking one, so I hope to keep both of them in full use, side-by-side.
  • Excellent food, everywhere! My grocery bill is currently just for me - I buy my own soy/almond/coconut milk, I rarely buy eggs, and most of my weekly budget goes to fruits & veggies. I borrow some staples (bananas, ketchup, onions, garlic, spices) but buy my own pasta and rice whenever I decide I want it. It'll be nice to split up the weekly grocery bill and tweak both our diets a little bit. With a shift for more home-cooked common foods, and less candy, sweets, chips, packaged foods, and processed cheese.
  • I need to find a new place for my composting worms... they are currently happy and relaxed in a cupboard in the living room, in a quiet, dark, cool place. Having them a couple years, I have been able to keep them alive! expand them to three plastic containers vs. the yogurt cup they first came in. I need to find a place that won't be disturbed often, but isn't so hidden that I'll forget about them.
  • A wall of plants. Not really - but Calvin has been really excited to mush together a bunch of flower containers into a compressed, space-saving way. I'll try figure out how it's going to work once we move everything in and see how much space we have. Maybe the bookshelf might have space for some pots?
    1. Hanging plant 'pots'.
    2. Candles made from wine bottles!
    3. Storage within a lamp stem. 
    4. Storage for the bathroom.


      1. I hate saying this, but you could probably go to pinterest (or for ideas on decorating.

        Good luck. How much fun.

      2. Very interesting takes on some common household items...

      3. Ooh love it! So excited for you!

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      5. I love what you did the lamp and the rest of the things here. It's cute and well-organized; very personal indeed. All it really takes is a bit of creativity so why shouldn't renters out there do it by themselves as well? I bet some renters of apartments in Scottsdale Arizona would.