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Thursday, August 2, 2012


Today was a great day. I am trained in Standard CPR, level C!
I was able to hit the gym up after my 9-5 training and run 2.8 miles at 6.0mph and walk another mile at 5.0 incline, 3.5mph. Bringing my daily total to:

  • 12.4km biked
  • 4miles jogged/walked
(I don't know why it's appropriate to do cycling in km and running in miles. My brain is just dexterous in both measuring systems?)

Friday, the plan:
  • wake up late (after 8am!!)
  • bike to the gym
  • run 5k on the treadmill for the virtual race
  • bike back (there's only two fitness classes tomorrow - 'hip & fit' and morning spinning)
  • hand out resumes
  • evening running with my new running buddy
  • celebrating my new work permit (and the weekend) with friends at the house
I think it sounds like a lovely Friday!

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