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Monday, January 10, 2011

2011 Races

I'm so excited!!!

First off, I've had the best work-out week ever, 3rd-9th Jan.
I worked out for a total of
6h 29
 which averages out to just under an hour a day. It's been a great start to the new year, and I can only see it getting better with the bike trainer downstairs, my re-found love of swimming, and living 5 mins from the school gym :)
[However, ever since my last bike - yesterday- my tummy has been in a lot of pain, and waves of pain come and go :( If I don't feel better by... Wednesday evening I'll go see a Dr]

I have signed up for my first few races of the new year!
The first is on Feb 13th, and it's a 5k trail run. It's my first ever trail race, and it's something I'll be able to cross off my always-wanted-to-try list :)
I'm skipping the 8k trail race this month because I'm not confident at that distance at the moment, especially in a trail setting. Perhaps next year!

And I've also signed up for the Forest City Road Race, which is in London, ON on May 1st.

This is pretty great, since my roomate is also doing it (and will probably finish twice as fast as me) and my boyfriend lives in London, so FREE ride and FREE accommodation. And perhaps 100% guaranteed cheerleaders at the race :)


  1. :) SO happy you joined us for FYTO5k! good luck with your upcoming races

  2. Yay, I'm doing FCRR too! Which distance?