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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Freeze Your Thorns Off 5K Race Report

I'm not sure if I've done a race report before.... but here goes!

5k -- 33min 10sec

I didn't take this race too seriously - in fact I only remembered it was happening last night, when Tricia and Adam were chatting about it on Twitter yesterday. I was very jealous that they were doing the FYTO5k together the same day, and then I realised what the letters stood for ha!

So I woke up this morning at 10am, and putzed around for a while. I ended up doing 50 mins on the bike in the basement while watching Easy A :)
Shortly after that, I went swimming for a half hour at the gym.
I watched half a Smallville episode and then took a 2h nap. I figured that with all the exercise, I really needed those healing hormones that are supposedly produced during naps :)

"You must above all take adequate rest. Paula will regularly have a two-hour afternoon nap. The pineal gland, which is just below the brain, releases natural hormone (HGH)—which is needed to build new muscle—into the body 30 minutes after going to sleep. Sleeping twice a day releases a second dose of HGH into the body."

I then watched the end of my Smallville episode while having a couple of snacks, waiting for my roommates to get ready.

I brought a few things to the gym with me:
my anti-bottle
some Quality Street chocolates
my Ipod
an apple
spare Tshirt to change into :)
(we had discussed bringing a camera to post an official race picture, but Mike M's Iphone was dead, and our other phones don't upload to the internet :( )
I set the treadmill to around a 10min mile, and slowed down and sped up a few times. There's not much to report during the actual run, except that I hated it... yet it also went by quite fast. I can't seem to look away from the screen that shows my distance, and it doesn't seem to change as fast as I'd like.
I had to hit the pause button twice: once to get a towel to wipe my face, and another time to tie my shoe lace (I forgot to double tie it).

My Ipod died about 2/3rds into the run, but running without it isn't too bad. I usually run without my ipod in races anyway.

My splits (according to my amazing watch) were:
38 - not accurate, since I turned watch off after I hopped off the treadmill.

10:40 average (based on ending time) which I'll take :)

I've also come up with a new years resolution - NO more treadmills in 2011!! I'll take running in the snow over tread time.... ;)


  1. Hey! Thanks for introducing yourself. I like your blog-attitude. I read the top couple of posts and found myself smiling!

    Also, run in the snow! It's awesome. But be careful, reduced traction changes the way you run. I went out for a run yesterday and my back is sooooooo sore today. :)

  2. AWESOME JOB GIRL!!! You are amazing. Okay, Smallville is the best and a two hour nap?!?! I am so so jealous!

  3. Nice work, I have a treadmill with multiple entertaining functions like radio and plug in MP3, but strangely I never use them as I always enjoy listening to Ipod. I like your watch, simply and neat.

  4. Sorry that I am just getting to commenting...

    Way to go! I'm glad that you remembered to do it! PLUS, you did that and 50 min on thebike. crazy :)