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Thursday, January 6, 2011


I will just go ahead and give myself an A+ for today's events.

I woke up at 9:30am, after not sleeping very well last night (I was nervous about new classes starting).
I made a green smoothie with spinach leaves, soy milk, yogurt and frozen raspberries :)
I then made a couple of calls to change my volunteer shifts and organise our Winter event for VISA.
At around 11am, I left for school, having packed my laptop, snacks, a hot mug of tea and money for textbooks.

I sat through my first class (policy) and by the time our break was due (at around half-past noon) my stomach was RUMBLING. As in, people could hear it! I'm glad I had packed a veggie wrap :)
I also had a snack, which would have been perfect timing for my last class of the day, but it was cut short so I just went home to have dinner (which was couscous! :))

And now, at 6pm, after dinner and an episode of Modern Family, I am planning on doing my assigned readings. At 9pm, I'm going to the gym with Mike to go swimming for about an hour.

A+ for thinking ahead to pack snacks, because I have back-to-back classes for 6 hours.
A+ for using my time well, fitting in readings and gym time, as well as TV time :)
And maybe even an A for looking up used textbooks and only buying brand new ones when I have to (I'm taking a brand-new course offered at our uni, and it's a custom coursepack, so I can't find it anywhere else.)


  1. you should just carry a bucket of ribs for your hunger.....Ribs always work for me, when im working out, studying, working, and even during sex. Just make sure you dont forget the napkins!