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Sunday, January 16, 2011


It's another Sunday, the end of another week in 2011. It's going by pretty fast, don't you think??

We've started school and I'm just getting into the hang of things. I'm trying to sell some textbooks from last year to raise money for my current needed ones :)
I'm also trying to get into the hang of reading after being at work all day. I'm trying to balance reading time with exercise - maybe I'll eventually merge the two (perhaps I can start reading while biking....)

This week I totalled 2h 42 mins of exercise, but I feel great. I haven't been having much tummy issues, my legs aren't hurting, and I'm going to start next week well :)

This week:
I ran outside 3x
I did a 'long' run of (almost) 8k.
I did 1h 15 on the bike.
 And... it's almost not worth it to mention, but our house got a Kinect system, and the Kinect Sports game... so that could count. We've done some virtual bowling, athletics and ping-pong and it's a whole lot of fun!!

I think the biggest thing this week was the longish run. I haven't been out for a run in the day-time before. I had brought my sunglasses because it was pretty bright out. I had to take them off though, because they kept steaming up and I couldn't see much.
It felt good to be out there, and I felt like I was accomplishing something. We went out shopping and I ran home, so it was nice to see that my little legs CAN take me places :)
I listened to my Ipod the whole time, and the time FLEW by.
Despite the blister and a half I got today, I am so so happy I decided to do it, and look out for more long runs in the near future!


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