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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Barefoot Walk #1

A new Mike moved into the house today, he's come down to spend some time with the London folks since he's done with exams and we're done with exams (we're all done with exams!!!... except Calvin).

So the boys wanted to go to Shoppers to buy pizza. I knew it would be cold out, so I put on my jacket. Because it was raining, my pink shoes got soaked on the way (5.5 blocks).

*Sounds of buying pizza*

Since I am excited about this barefoot running and minimalist shoe thing, I decided to walk home without my shoes on. Calvin warned me it would be cold, but I figured it couldn't be too much worse than the wetness + coldness seeping through my shoes anyway.

So I carried my shoes in my hand and took a few careful steps. THE GROUND WAS SO COLD!!!
By about a block we had fallen behind the other kids, because I was walking verrrryyy slowly. It felt like there was a lot of pressure on my feet and every step would hurt my numbing toes. Things were made worse by the fact that my toes were getting frozen and they hurt a bit with each step. (By now I've already made it halfway home, might as well keep going.)
The ground was surprisingly smooth. I didn't step on anything painful, and I didn't see any dog poo. The sensation of feeling the ground was awesome :D

So I finally get home and I decided to take a couple of pictures!! Since it was raining, my feet did not get super dirty :) And after I wiped them dry and put on some socks... they are good as new. I can pretend the whole thing didn't happen.
Not too dirty, just cold :(
My toes were red = thawing.
But I am super excited to try again when the weather is nicer!

600m barefoot :D

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