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Saturday, April 2, 2011


I went for an awesome bike ride today.
I woke up kinda late and I checked the weather.
It was going to rain, but the temp was nice so I decided to go for it. Perhaps I could beat the rain and be back before it started.

The rain did catch me, but it was light and only lasted a few minutes.
The weather was great and the view (on Riverside Dr) was amazing.
I bike 2.5 hours along the river, all the way to the 'beach'.
I wore my helmet and was prepared in the way of snacks. I forgot a water bottle :(

This ride helped me clear my head. It helped me fill a couple of hours where I didn't want to start writing papers, but didn't want to waste time watching TV.
I listened to about 40 songs and it was just the best.

I believe a repeat is in order next weekend, as the weather is predicted to be warm!! Yay.

Next time:
I will bring a 1.5L bottle.
I will bring my camera.
I will time the ride so I catch the sunset in the perfect spot.
I will try my hardest to bring someone to join me.
I may bring a map with me to be able to try come home a different route!