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Thursday, April 14, 2011

I went running!

It's true! After 3 nights with minimal sleep, I've finished three of my final papers and went to bed today at 4am. I woke up after 8 glorious hours of sleep, ready to rock another paper. By 6pm, I've handed in my paper AND my field placement hours log. I only have another paper, two applications to give in, and a final multiple-choice exam left in my third year!

I decided to go for a run at about 10pm. I used to run every night before bed back when I lived in Kuwait.. it was just something to do, like brushing my teeth or setting my alarm clock. By the time I had fully committed to going for a run, it was past midnight.

I checked the weather - 9degrees - put on my hoodie, binded my key to my shoes (vibrams) and set my ipod to my running playlist, and I was out! I mapped a tentative route but decided to change it up once I was outside.
I ended up doing 4.6 in 42 minutes... the last 18 mins were walking home, as my left calf was turning to mush. I blame it on the vibrams, but I'll adjust in time :)

The run was great because I had no knee pain and it felt amazing to be out running again. I have been worried that I don't have the perfect running form, but as soon as I stepped outside in my Vibrams, I noticed that I was fore-striking, so that was okay. The only pain on this run was in my chest - my cardiovascular definitely needs to be brought up to speed.

This run was so great, I even found a penny at the end!


  1. Glad to know you got a run in!

    VFF question for long did it take to transition to running in them? I just started (again) this week and my goal is to run a 1/2 in November. I should have plenty of time to do that right?

  2. i do follow its actually on my main page :P and i was just there to pick up book :P post every day!