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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Hey all!

It's 3am here in paper-writing land. I have a paper due in 12 hours and I am starting the writing stage. This may seem very last-minute but I'm calm. I've just had to wait for the anxiety to raise to a level where my MOTIVATION kicked in! I've done all my prep work, I know my paper content, and now I just need to write it all up! I will then take a quick nap, and read the paper over and tweak it in the morning/afternoon.
I'm excited! This was a fun paper, and I learnt a lot about burn-out in my field - what causes it, what can prevent it and some ways to treat it.

It's always important to PREVENT things if you can.
But sometimes you can't, and you have to TREAT things after they happen.

Such as my injury. A run a couple of months ago caused me to start crying, cut my run short and limp home. After chiropractic treatment, lots of rest and lots of worrying about my May 1st race, I dare to say I am in no pain! I've had a couple of successful test runs and a long bike-ride (my longest - 40kms!) I am excited to start running again S-L-O-W-L-Y. :)
I am excited at the idea of being able to run when I want to, without time restrictions set by my Dr or my knees. I am excited to experience all the reasons I love to run - the feeling of being finished, the feeling of accomplishment, the bragging rights, the clearness from devoting time to my troubles.....
:) I am excited but nervous thinking about my SECOND half marathon. I will set out my three goals here, for everyone to see:

  1. FINISH!!!!!! [Limp and risk injury if I have to... I WILL NOT GET A DNF!!!!!]
  2. Finish before the limit... which is 3 hours.
  3. Beat my old time - bonus if it's under 2h 40!
I'll get back to studying now.... Here is a picture after I ran my first 21.1k

I am super excited to have all my roomates at the finish line! Because the two Mike's are a lot faster than me, it means everyone will be there waiting for me at the end :)

I just realised today yesterday that I haven't scheduled my plans very well - the day after the race I'll be car-pooling to Ottawa (9hours) and attending a conference where they make you dance as an ice-breaker! Ha!


  1. Wow! That's so interesting that you lived in Kuwait. When do you go back again? And for how long?

    The most interesting thing I got going on is my proposed trip to England for like 12 will be the first time going somewhere by myself, but I'm meeting up with friends on my birthday (so I won't be alone). I'm just hoping my passport gets processed and my boss says yes.

    Thunderball is my favorite Bond movie. I'm a scuba diver (or used to be) and I loved it. I love Sean Connery...he's my favorite Bond.

  2. OH yes, skydiving is a workout. There are times when I'm so very sore afterwards, especially after not doing it for a long time. Now, if I'm doing 10 jumps every Sat/Sun (20 jumps total) for several months, I will not be as sore. However, your body is just tired. And going into the wind tunnel will make you ache in spots you didn't know you had.

    Yes, I'm hoping that I make it there. I really need it. And have so much fun.

    I do read your blog, but it's usually at work. Our work server blocks the comment box on So, I can never comment. I'm in a hotel in Colorado for, I have to do something. And thank you for reading my blog, as well. You have more followers than myself.