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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Still here

Summer a few years ago
I am still here, but buried under 20+ scholarly articles about burnout, work stress and how to prevent it.
In a week, I will almost be done with my third year of university.
In two weeks, I will be a relaxed, super-fit, slightly tanned and happy person (hopefully!).

The weather was gorgeous today and I had the pleasure of walking to the the orchestra today! We watched about two hours of James Bond music which has given me an item for my post-exam to-do list - watch all 20+ Bond movies in order! This will surely keep me busy while I spend my time in Kuwait.

After Kuwait, I am hopping over to India for about a month. I am super excited and am getting the visa process started. I have never made my own travel plans complete with picking my destination, obtaining my visa AND buying my ticket, so this is a step on the path to being a grown-up ;)

Dreaming about the summer, and finally having time offffff is keeping me motivated and smiling. I've been in school for 5 semesters now, and I want a guarantee that this summer will be school-free. This includes NO talking about, NO checking the school website and NO thinking about my fourth year. Sounds great :)

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  1. When and why you are going to Kuwait? And that's awesome about India. I would love to go, but I hate the food. Sorry.

    And I love James Bond!