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Monday, January 30, 2012


Well, it's another January FYTO virtual race, hosted by The Boring Runner!

This would be my second year doing it, and you'd find last year's attempt here.

And while I actually did this race late this year (on a Monday instead of Saturday), I think I rocked it!

I did plan to do it Sunday evening, after a volunteer shift. However, the weather was not cooperative, and as soon as I walked out after my 4-hour shift, the world was covered in snow. And you know I had a great shift, since I didn't even notice there was a blizzard happening outside! Ha.

Well, since it was Sunday, the buses don't run after 7:45, and I ended up walking home. During the half-hour it took to get to my cozy warm home, my face froze, my legs turned to stone and my nose started dripping. I told myself I'd warm up for a few minutes, change and then head out for the 5k. After all, we're SUPPOSED to freeze for this race, right?
But I'm lazy, and maybe a little smart (there was ice everywhere) because I ended up staying in, making a gym date with my friend for the following morning (TODAY!).

And this is where the 5k report begins.
I woke up at 8am this morning, to the funniest radio show ever. They were talking about the weirdest thing to be put in a child's mouth, and they mentioned that some parents found their toddler chewing a snake's head. He'd bit it right off. And as that's hillarious because they allow it on Detroit radio, it's not something I want to hear in the morning. So I hopped out of bed and ate a Snickers bar.

At 8:30 I get a message from my friend saying that she hasn't slept well last night, and that she's ditching me and the gym today to get some extra zzz's. I replied that I'm still going. She ended up feeling bad, and came anyway! The power of positive peer pressure, yay!

So we walked through snow and ice and wind (not really) and I got to the gym at around 9:15. I changed, psyched myself up, and then we noticed that the women's only gym had opened up! This is 1.5 hours every Mon/Wed/Sun dedicated to the ladies. There's weights, some balance balls, a lot of mats and mirrors, and a couple of elliptical machines and bikes that we are able to use. There's also a very nice trainer there to supervise and help out if need be. So I'm going back on Wednesday!

When we got upstairs, where all the cardio machines are, we were lucky enough to snag the last 2 treadmills. :) However, I got the broken one that didn't seem very stable. I'm thankful that I brought my music, because if I could hear the machine, I'm sure I'd have gotten nauseous because it felt a bit like being in/on a washer.

Oh well. I warmed up for .25mi in about 5 mins. I then cranked the speed up to 6.1mi/hour and went from there. I kept it at that for 1 mile.... 2 miles.... and then I took a tiny, tiny break to grab some tissues, as sweat was pouring into my eyes. I stretched a little because my knee was feeling weird. Then I put it back to 6.1mi.. and did another 1.1 miles! So I ran at 9:49min/mi the entire way, with a 1min break at mile 2! I'm very proud!

(I wont tell you that it was at 0.0 incline.)

I finished with a time of 31:22 (which includes the little stretch/wipe sweat break), which is faster than my official 5K PR! I wont count it, however, since it's on a treadmill, and treadmill runs usually feel different than outside runs.

Off to shower, school, read, relax, go to night class and sleep!
Have a wonderful week everyone!


  1. Nice job getting the run in! There were quite a few “excuses” not to run!

  2. Well done you! That's awesome. I would have probably given up, but I am also injured right now. And I tried that with my friend when she was too hungover to do our run we planned all week. There was no peer pressure that got her up out of bed. I need to work on that!