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Sunday, March 4, 2012

College Diet

You know what's stupid? Being cheap and car-less on a Sunday (when no buses run) and realising that you haven't bought groceries in 2 weeks.
My boyfriend usually visits every weekend and we all pile into his car on Sunday mornings to co-ordinate our household grocery trips. Last weekend I had come back from a week away, so I didn't buy anything. The weekend before that I didn't buy anything because I was going away. And the reason this weekend is just because
  1. I don't have a car
  2. It's cold outside
  3. I'm lazy, and now it's also dark outside
I still have food... frozen veggies in the fridge, we have huge bags of  rice and pasta that never seem to end, and I have those quick packs of rice with the flavours that you just need to boil.
But I find that every time this happens I'm always left with the hard to make foods - the packet rice takes at least 25 minutes to make, and frozen veggies need to be cooked :(
I miss the days of quick hummus on toast, bananas or frozen waffles :D Those early days after a grocery trip where you have so many goodies to pick from....

Aren't you glad your college days are behind you?!

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