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Saturday, March 24, 2012


The weather's been awesome the past few weeks. Temperatures in the teens and 20's (Celsius) and sunshine all around.
I spend last weekend in Toronto, having mixed fun and paperwork. I had to renew my passport and it took a couple of days. I also went on an adventure with my friend, and we met a lot of cool new people :)

School is gearing onwards to exam season again. I've always found this semester to be more difficult than the September one because it ends in perfect weather. There's always a few days at the end that are gorgeous and I look around and notice that half the class has decided to enjoy the sunshine rather than sit in class and review final papers. Priorities, I guess!

I've been a bit slack lately about workouts. I've had some things going on, so I've only been going to 1x yoga class a week. I've squeezed in some runs - a couple were outside in the pretty weather, others were inside the warm gym. I've run a couple of miles under 9:00min/mile pace and am extremely excited to say that my knee is having no issues.
I find that there are 3 components of importance in a run. Heart, Muscles and Mind. On my runs lately, my mind's the one that's quit and I cut my quicker paced race short. I think there's still a mental block there telling me I can't run more than 1 mile at a fast pace. I'm working on it, and increasing that speed. I'm also working on finding tricks to keep me entertained on the treadmill, as sometimes I can't change the channel on the TVs.

 I've also found a U-lock for my bike! I've pumped the tyres, dusted the seat and set it in motion for meetings and such. I'm going to figure out a way to keep my work pants from getting stuck in the chain, and how to fix the chain falling off 3x every ride, and then I'll bike to placement regularly. I'm excited, as it'll cut down on my travel time. Right now I walk to + from placement, and it takes me about 25 minutes each way.

That's about all that's happening right now. I'm trying to stay motivated for exams, limit mindless internet browsing and increase workouts and plan smartly for the future! :D

Have a great weekend!

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